About me:

22 years old, British-American, born and raised in the small village of Harefield located north west of London. Finished school with A's in mathematics', computer science and continued my love for the study of technology at University of Plymouth. I have worked, freelance, as an IT Specialist for a small business for a number of years, and ocasionally work part-time behind the bar in one of my local pubs. To keep fit, I cycle around, snapping up pictures like the ones used on this very website! I like to spend my free time producing music and practicing my video editing skills, you can find a small sample of my work below...

Computer Scientist

  • Currently Studying Second Year Computer Science (Bsc) at University of Plymouth

  • Proficient in all major programming languages; (C, Python, Java, HTML & CSS, mySql)
  • Adept Scrum Master
  • One of the top in class, On track for a 1st
  • Strong understanding of Machine Learning, AI, Advanced algorithms and Data Analysis

Web Developer

Contact me for : Quick, Easy, Stress Free web design in raw code or a content management service of your choice.

The only limit to your website is your...



Relax your mind with this cool lo-fi track composed, recorded and produced 100% myself